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Life with Jesus is full of life and excitement. As a part of that, we'd love to connect you into the different aspects of our church life so that we can all explore and grow with Jesus together!

To find out more about what our church does and how you can be a part of the
experience, check it all out below!



We love kids! We've got so many different spaces where children can come and have fun, make new friends, and most importantly, begin to experience the goodness of God and the love of Jesus! 

Our children's ministry is focussed around building relationship with Jesus, and sharing His love and goodness into the lives of the next generation and their families. 

We’ve got a whole heap of different things going on throughout our Church for children ranging from weekly groups that explore Bible stories, sing songs and do some craft, monthly skills based and outdoor exploration groups and a massive kids club in the middle of the year. 


To us, teenagers are important. As our children grow up and begin to figure out their place in the world, we want to share the immense love that Jesus has for them in a way that's real and meaningful. Through a heap of different ministries, we provide a place for teenagers to explore, question and develop what Jesus means to them and their lives.

We have weekly worship times and discussion groups for all teenagers, fortnightly games nights and relaxation spaces, plus monthly hang outs at peoples homes, with a large-scale event once per school term. Our community service projects also extend throughout the whole year, with a massive week-long mission trip to Dorrigo in the middle of the year!


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Our young adults are a passionate group, always wanting to hang out and have some fun. Amidst jobs, uni and other aspects of life, catching up with each other is high on the priorities.

The young adults have their weekly groups on Saturday mornings, a weekly worship night on Friday nights with other young adults in the area, and hang out and muck around throughout the year together. 


Although life can get busy with family, work and a whole heap of other things, we believe that church shouldn't just be limited to one day a week. Through our small groups we connect with each other throughout the week and bring the community that Jesus talks about into our busy lives. 

Our small groups are so diverse! We've got chess groups, woodworking groups, food groups, Bible study groups, lego groups and a heap more all designed to bring people together in community, doing life together and having fun! 



While He was here on Earth, Jesus did a lot of healing. A lot! He would often spend time in towns healing the whole community before He moved on to the next group of people that needed His help. We wanted to follow Jesus' actions, and be a part of showing God's love through our actions and lifestyles.

Our service teams head up a community yard work program, offer free oil changes and car clean ups for single mums and an annual Youth service trip to Dorrigo.