About Us

Jesus Christ

Throughout Jesus' life, He also taught people about God and His character, to show humanity what God is really like. His teachings shocked and challenged people, but they brought comfort and peace. Jesus painted a picture of God that is loving, caring, intimate and wanting to be a part of each of our lives. His stories and messages show us today that even amidst a completely different culture, God is still wanting to bring blessing, joy and love into our lives. 



2000 years ago a man named Jesus went around the Middle East telling people a message that would change the course of history. His message announced that a new way of living had arrived, and that through Him, anybody could have eternal life with God, the creator of the universe.

Jesus is God, and by becoming human, dying and then resurrecting, He removed the road block that was between the goodness of God, and every single human on Earth. The payment that had to be made because of our evil and wrong, was paid by Jesus so that we don't have to. Jesus said that now anybody who believed in Him can receive this free gift of salvation. 


What We Believe

We at Wallsend Church believe that Jesus is the Son of God, and through Him we have access to the love, power and goodness of God that is being offered to us right now!

As part of the worldwide Seventh-day Adventist Church, we believe in the Bible as the inspired Word of God, and hold 28 fundamental beliefs that show God as the creator of the universe, and how He is constantly doing all He can to restore the broken relationship between Himself and humanity. 

Weekly Worship Service

On Saturday mornings, we've got two different services that start at 9:30am, and 11:00am. The 9:30am time slot is more focused on groups and studying the Bible together. We have a whole range of different groups and rooms for children from ages 0-18, then a range of different young adult and adult spaces. The 11:00am service is when we all come together, worship and hear a message from the Bible from one of our pastors. The Coffee Cart is open from 9:00am, serving a variety of hot drinks for free!

9:30 Bible Study

The 9:30am services are designed so that anyone can come along and be a part of a group, and learn something about Jesus.
Our Children's Ministry areas have separate groups for Beginnings (0-1), Pre-School (2-4), Lower Primary (Kindy-Grade 1), Upper Primary (Grades 2-3), Juniors (Grades 4-6). These groups play games, do crafts, sing songs and hear stories about Jesus and the Bible. 
The Youth Ministry provides a space where High School students and Young Adults come together, worship through music, and then break off into different groups to study the Bible together.
While all of this is happening, the Adult groups have a whole heap of different groups going. There are men groups, women groups, prayer groups, groups that focus on some deep Bible study, others that talk about action and change in the world today, and a heap more!  
All of these groups go for about an hour, which gives us a little bit of time to make our way to the main room for our 11am worship service. 

11am Worship Service

At 11am, our whole church comes together to worship, and hear a message from the Bible. We sing worship songs together, get some updates on church life and what's going on, often there's a story for the children, we give in our offerings, and a message based in the Bible is presented by one of our pastors or leaders. 

On the first Saturday of each month, we run two 11am worship services at the same time. Our parallel services are designed to create spaces where we come a little closer together. Bethel, in our main worship room, takes a more traditional approach to worshipping together. The Well, in our hall, aims the worship slightly more towards a creative community. 

Meet Our Team

Pr Ben Rea
Senior Paster

Pr Lizeth Momanga
Associate Pastor


Jake Whittaker
Youth Pastor

Narelle Arblaster
Administration Secretary

Stuart Arblaster
Lead Governance Elder


Linda Ross
Lead Pastoral Care Elder