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What is 100 in 1?

A church is a group of people focussed on Jesus Christ. Something that Jesus did a lot of, was helping people. We at Wallsend Youth discovered there was a need for people to receive some help with their yards and gardens in our local community. We developed the idea of reaching 100 homes in the space of 1 year, thus, 100 in 1. 

Our goal is to connect with 100 homes over the next year, as we assist them in yard work around their home. If somebody needs their lawn mown, their shrubs pruned, hedges trimmed, weeds pulled, leaves blown or even driveway pressure cleaned, then we want to help. 

Why would we do this? What motivates a group of young people to go and give their time, energy, money  to a group of people that we've never met. We believe that it's important to pause our lives for a moment, and focus on somebody else. Even if it's just for a moment, we believe that truly investing effort into somebody else is part of how we spread the love and goodness of Jesus Christ in our world today.

So 100 in 1. It's a challenge. It's hard. It's messy. It's not easy. But it's worth it. You get to see the impact of service on peoples faces. Real people get a boost to their everyday lives because of what you can do for them. You have the power to bring love into somebody else's life, so the choice now is yours, do you want to?


100 in 1 2018 Details


We'll be leaving from Wallsend SDA Church on the days of the event. Each team will work at a variety of houses and then meet back at the Church to head home once the jobs are complete.  

Homes will be pre-arranged, so the teams will turn up to the house, do the work quickly and properly and then move on to the next house. There will be an adult site manager in charge of all of the work that is being done. It is every team member's responsibility to listen carefully to their site manager's instructions.

Drivers will move around the locations with trailers to drop of kits of equipment. In each kit there will be a lawn mower, line trimmer and a variety of gardening and weeding tools. There will also be one speciality kit that will move to different locations based on the needs of the yard.

Every team member will be covered for insurance and sunscreen and water will be available before the teams depart from the Church. 

If you need more details, or have some questions, please don't hesitate to contact us!